Product of T36 Disinfex™

T36 Disinfex™ (DIN 02231344)
T<sup>3</sup>6 Disinfex™

T36 Disinfex™ is a popular hard surface Intermediate Level Disinfectant used in the beauty, dental , medical, first responder and food service markets ; delivering effective protection against harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses including Tuberculosis, Polio and HIV.

T36 Disinfex™ is used on non-critical instruments and equipment in the Beauty, Dental, Medical and First Responder industries. It can be used on hard, inanimate non-porous surfaces such as counter tops, cutting boards, sinks, tubs, walls, floors, windows, mirrors, scissors, nail clippers and other equipment. It also works well to deodorize sports equipment refrigerators, phones, keyboards, door knobs, kennels as well as for travel and much more. T36 Disinfex™ can also be used in restaurants and other facilities where food is prepared, stored and manufactured. If the surface comes in contact with food, rinse with potable water.

Available Packaging Size: 4Litre Refill; 480ml desk top spray and 60 ml convenient personal travel size spray.

T36 Disinfex™ Cleaner Concentrate (DIN 02278820)
T<sup>3</sup>6 Disinfex™ Cleaner Concentrate

T36 Disinfex™ Cleaner Concentrate effectively cleans and disinfects floors, walls, countertops, windows and all non-porous hard surfaces. Customizable dilution, it can be diluted up to 1:64, for cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting. No rinse required – unless in contact with food surfaces.

T36 Disinfex™ Cleaner Concentrate is price competitive with comparable products that are available to the janitorial and sanitation markets. It is excellent for use in institutional markets such as schools, hospitals and other large users, such as cruise lines that require effective and economical cleaning and disinfection.

T36 Disinfex™ Cleaner Concentrate is pH neutral, and unlike many other products of its type, T36 Disinfex™ Cleaner Concentrate has no 'skeletal hand' or 'skull and crossbones' warning. It does not contain bleach, glycols, glutaraldehydes or peroxides.

Available Packaging Size: 4 Litre

Risk Statement - For all products: Read the label and follow directions of use.